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  • BS Interdisciplinary Sciences & minor Environmental Studies


  • AFAA Group Exercise

  • 200hr RYT

 Overwhelmed by the media's misinformation on fitness and food, under-eating, over-training, and every mistake in between are far too common of an occurrence. On her own rollercoaster to feeling healthy, strong, and happy, Kirsten had fallen into what seems like every pitfall.

After learning by experience, Kirsten sought years of formal education and certifications which has given her a realistic foundation to understand health and fitness.


WellBeing LLC was created to give real people personalized, trustworthy guidance so they can skip the struggle and feel amazing.

Today, through WellBeing LLC, Kirsten is able to coach clients to successfully complete half marathons, get stronger, balance into headstands, and gain clarity through meditation. Most importantly, her clients boast record confidence because of their progress with WellBeing.

"I make sure that every little success for my clients is recognized and it feels just as monumental for me. Sharing these moments is my favorite thing about being their coach."

If there's any way I can support you in your journey, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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I have worked with Kirsten as a Personal Trainer for 6 months. Although I have been a runner for years, and do 5K's 3 times weekly, I had problems losing weight and could not build the muscle mass proportionate to the effort I put in. Since I started working with Kirsten, I realized how my posture and form while using the equipment were faulty. After only a few weeks, I noticed a significant improvement in my posture and muscle mass. Kirsten is a very knowledgeable and great personal trainer that I would recommend for any person looking to get in shape in a short time.

Yasser Khaled MD, - Hematology

When I first started becoming mindful of my mental and physical health, Kirsten kicked down the doors for me, shedding light and sharing information that quite literally changed my life. With her help and guidance, I was able to kickstart a new journey for myself on the path to a greater me. Her dedication, devotion, care, and patience were exactly what I needed without even realizing it. 

Hunter Putman - Greenhouse Team Leader

Kirsten's class changed my entire outlook on yoga. Her classes were so heartwarming and had such welcoming energy, I also excelled way past what I would expect a brand new yogi would get to in just a few short weeks. I still have a plant she gave me at one of her classes. She lights up the room and makes all yogis, new and seasoned feel welcomed. 

Katlyn Smith - Fitness Attendant Lead UCF

"Working out with Kirsten is a highlight of my week that I dread before and am so proud of myself after. She is enthusiastic, motivating, and knowledgeable about all things fitness and food. Kirsten understands my goals and pushes me to meet them. Each session progresses to the next, making them fun and challenging at the same time. I am so much stronger and more confident with her help." 

Anna Dierksen - Capitol Records

I loved (yoga) classes with Kirsten! I looked forward to them every Sunday! It got me into better shape, made me more flexible, and helped with my mindfulness practices. She's a fantastic yoga teacher and I wish so badly that I could've brought my family and friends to sessions with her. I miss attending them (in person) so much!

Shannon - University Student